Shri Ramchandra Chandravansi,Chairman,RCU

Chairman's Message

Chandravansi group of institutions run by Ramchandra Chandravansi Welfare Trust (RCWT) has an inspiring journey since its inception in (2006). Starting with two institutions in 2002, the group has grown into an educational hub with 15 institutions in various fields providing excellent opportunity to the young minds to fulfil their ambitions. Whether it is technical/medical education, degree college, B.Ed./M.Ed. studies or school for boys and girls, the RCWT has always endeavoured to fulfil the need of the aspiring minds in the backward/deprived region of Palamu, Garhwa and large swath of adjoining areas of UP, Chhatisgarh and Bihar. At RCWT, we believe that education is not complete without simultaneous development of both body and mind. To this end, we have developed extensive infrastructure at Bisrampur including a stadium and other compatible facilities catering to Co-curricular activities for all-round development of the young.

Our sustained and sincere efforts in building an excellent educational hub in one of the backward regions of our country have been recognised and we are very proud of being bestowed the responsibility of managing a University.

With these few words, I wish to welcome the new batch of students who aspire to come here to build a bright future for themselves and their families.

Dr.Ishwar Sagar Chandravansi, Chancellor, RCU

Chancellor's Message

Indian youth carries great potential and unlocking this demands both macro and micro perspective. With this basic philosophy in mind, we at Ramchandra Chandravansi University have taken upon ourselves to develop the backward regions of Palamu & Garhwa into a progressive, modern and forward looking educational hub catering to the need of not only this region including the large swath of contiguous areas of UP, Chhattisgarh & Bihar but also the whole of the state of Jharkhand.

Commencement of the first academic year in 2008-09 of fulltime, four year degree course in engineering at Ramchand Chandravansi Institute of Technology (RCIT), Bisrampur was a watershed event in the history of higher education in this backward region of our country.

Further thrust in engineering education has been provided in 2013 with the opening of Ramchandra Chandravansi Polytechnic Institute, Bisrampur (RCPI). For all-round development of the region and the country, attention to medical education needs appropriate thrust.

Sohari Chndravansi ANM & GNM Nursing School, Bishrampur (SCNS) and Sohari Chandravansi Paramedical Institute, Bishrampur (SCPI) were established in 2016 to fulfil the ambitions of young minds in the field. We have also provided appropriate thrust in other educational avenues by establishing institutions in diverse fields like physical Education, B.Ed, M.Ed, Industrial Trainng Centre etc. Appropriate thrust has been given by the group to female upliftment by starting Mahila colleges, Girls High School etc.

We have realised our dream of expanding our horizon by establishing Ramchandra Chandravansi University recently and we will continue to endeavour to scale new heights in the annals of the education field in India.

With this, I welcome the new batch of students who aspire to join our University and join hands with us towards creating sustained and inclusive growth of our country.

With the confidence that our intentions have matched our efforts, I wish you the very best in the future.

Anurag Chandravansi, Dy. Director, RCU

Dy. Director's Message

India is rapidly progressing from a developing to a developed nation. One of the key planks of this movement is the evolution of our educational system, from primary to higher education. in our country, we have large imbalances from state to state and from region to region. Thus, real progress is possible when the backward regions of the country make progress in all spheres of life. At Ramchandra Chandravasi welfare Trust, we have realised this basic developmental issue long time back and setup a modern and forward looking educational hub in diverse fields of higher education at Palamu and Garhwa districts which are at the center of on of the main backward regions of our country covering four state i.e. Jharkhand, Chatisgarh, South West Biharand eastern UP. The Sprawling, well developd campus of more than 100 Acres provides opportunities to aspiring minds to study degree and diploma engineering, B. Ed &M.Ed, diploma and degree in physical education and general degree education in arts, commerce and science. Further Nursing School provides opportunity to those inclined to serve sick and infirm, to attain ANM and GNM degree. We are planning to add more courses to bring opportunities to study higher education in more diverse fields. The campus is provided with all modern amenities with appropriate IT infrastructure.

Proper development of fertile mind does not take place by classroom teaching alone. Thus, we provide ample emphasis to all around development of the students by providing stress to extra-curricular activities. Our long cherished dream of becoming a private university has recently been fulfilled, no doubt due to untiring dedication of the teachers and the staff along with spontaneous participation of our students, both in curricular and co-curricular activities. I welcome the new students to join hand with us for the nation building.

Dr.J.P Mishra,Vice Chancellor, RCU

Vice Chancellor's Message

Our hard-won reputation, as a Premier Technological University in the country, carries with it responsibility as well as opportunity. We must continue to encourage student-faculty interactions. We must also be responsible for our actions and behave accordingly, People look upto us to lead from the front and we must not disappoint them. We shall contribute to the society through the pursuit of education, learning, research and innovations at the highest levels of excellence. There must be an aspiration to excel and serve the society, and there must be the measuring standards for the future. We as a university must excel and should be the standards by which the society would be measured. We have the freedom, based on our excellence and reputation, to be the leading pioneers in the field of technical education and research. A high level of research knowledge is necessary in many academic disciplines but it is not all that easy. We, as a collective group must strive and work hard towards achieving these goals which will be put forth by ourselves. We shall set goals and achieve them with the highest quality.

There must be an understanding of the system in place. The faculty are here to help the students for their all round progress. Faculty must become facilitators to the students. The parents must understand the strength and weaknesses of their wards and help them, in achieving their academic goals and take up a profession of their choice and passion. The students should also understand that the rules and regulations are put in a place to help the students in achieving their dreams to become a successful professional individuals. This is just the beginning to an uphill task in front of us. We will take the positives and start working towards a better future for all of us. There will be tough times and there will be easier ones, but we will work hard without any regrets, and we shall be victorious. I strongly believe in team work. Let us work with utmost sincerity and thoughtfully.