Admission Process

Admissions in the University are offered on the basis of lures framed by the relevant bodies of the University.
A candidate who applies for admission shall be presumed that he/she agrees to abide by the university rules and no litigation shalt therefore, be tenable.

1. Admission in university shall be open to Indian citizens or Non-Resident Indians. However, university shalt also admit foreign students as per the guidelines of government bodies. Admissions in all programmes of university shall be made on the basis of merit in Entrance Test conducted by university. However, in case of non-conduct of entrance test due to one or the other reason or lesser availability of candidates, admissions shall be made on the basis of merit in qualifying examination. For NRI/Foreign students admission shall be made on merit of marks obtained in qualifying examinations. Where admissions are on the basis of merit in entrance test. merit shall be determined on the basis of All India admission test conducted by the university for seats available in the discipline. University shall conduct entrance test of its own in all disciplines having one or many centres in the entire country or abroad. If Ramchandra Chandravansi University wants, it may associate with other universities of the state to conduct admission test which offer similar courses. The university shall also use score/merit in entrance tests conducted by any other body/ university/ agency for admission to any programme. For courses where admission is through merit in the qualifying examination weightage shall be given for excellence in sports and other extracurricular activities. In respect of candidates belonging to schedule castes/schedule tribes or other backward classes in all courses of study, Govt. rules shall be applicable for determining the eligibility criteria for admission to any courses of study in university

2 There shall. under no circumstances. be any relaxation in the eligibility criteria. A candidate shall not be entitled to claim admission as a matter of right even if he/she is otherwise eligible. The University reserves the right to refuse admission to any individual without assigning any reason.

3. The university reserves the right not to admit any candidate to a course of his/her study even though a notification inviting applications for admission to the same has been issued and admission process started. FUrther. the university shall have the right to cancel the admission process without giving any reason. The applicant shall have no right to get the application/processing fee refunded in any circumstances.

4. All admissions shall be provisional. If it is found at any stage that the qualifying examination of a candidate is not recognised by the Ramchandra Chandravansi University or he/she has concealed or given false information such admissions shall be cancelled

5. Every student shall have to pass a medical test within four weeks of the date of his/her provisional admission. and the admission of those found medically unfit shall be cancelled.

6. Changes made in the Admission Rules and/or in the eligibility criteria by the Admission Committee/Academic Council of this University from time to time. shall be applicable to applicants seeking admission in the University

7. Candidates are required to produce the original mark sheets / certificates. in person. including the statement of marks of the qualifying examination with the requisite percentage of marks at the time of interview/ reporting for admission, failing which they shall not be interviewed / allowed to complete admission, and the offer of admission shall stand cancelled and no further correspondence in the matter shall be entertained.

8. If it is found, at any stage, that a candidate
a. does not fulfil the eligibility requirements
b. has used fraudulent means to secure admission
c. has made false or incorrect statement(s), He/she shall not be allowed to appear at the interview. complete the admission formalities. or in case already admitted. his/her admission shall be cancelled.

9. If any error/omission in the processing/ verification of certificates/ documents of a candidate is detected after the candidate is admitted to a course in the university. the university has the right to cancel such admission at any stage at which the error/omission is detected.

10. A vacancy created due to the cancellation of admission in a manner mentioned above or due to name removal or any other reason. shall be filled up by the candidate who had reported with reference to his/her waiting list on the specified date and time as per the waiting list strictly in order of merit. However. if such a vacancy arises after the closing date of admissions. the vacancy shall not be filled up and the same shall remain unfilled.

11. Application of candidates whose qualifying examinations are not recognized by this University shall not be considered for admission to any course.

12. In case of admission by test Admission Test Cards (Admit Cards) shall be sent to the candidates by registered post/speed post/courier/ or online admit cards will be available to the candidate. Applicants should ensure that the address on the Admit Card is correct and appropriate. Candidates should also ensure that they have in their possession the Admission Test Card before they reach the Test Centres. In very special circumstances and due to genuine reasons Duplicate Admission Test Card (Admit Card) may be issued to a candidate in person a day before or upto 2 Firs before the time of the Admission Test by the Admission Section of this University after proper identification and also on production by candidate of his/her two photographs.

13. No request for change in address for correspondence shall be entertained In case of any change. the candidate may himself/ herself inform the Post Office to redirect his/her mail to the new/changed address.

14. The list of selected candidate will be displayed in the Vice-Chancellor / Registrar/ Controller of Examination’s office and the notice boards of the Faculty concerned and will be put on website of University The last dates for admission shall be strictly observed. It is the responsibility of the candidate to keep himself/herself informed about such notices. The University shall not be responsible if a candidate fails to get information regarding his/her selection for admission.

15. Candidates not reporting for admission on the stipulated date and time shall forfeit their claim for admission and no correspondence in this regard shall be entertained.

16. The University shall issue or display Waiting List’ if there is any likelihood of a vacancy caused due to removal of name or any other reason. Waiting List is not an offer of admission but Is issued only incase there is likely to be a vacancy due to one or more selected candidates not reporting for admission, In case there is a vacancy, candidate with Waiting List No. 1 shall be given admission provided he/she reports on the specified date and time. In case the candidate with Waiting List No. 1 does not report for admission, the vacancy is offered to the candidate withWaiting List No. 2. and soon.

17. Candidates not selected for admission shall not be informed and their Application Forms/fees/ shall not be returned.

18. Canvassing in any manner for securing admission shall render an applicant disqualified.

19. It is not possible to preserve the forms and relevant material for a long period. Therefore, in case of any dispute regarding admission. the matter must be filed within thirty days of the closing of admissions after which such disputes shall not be entertained In case any dispute is filed after expiry of such period. the University shall not be bound to produce Admission Form and related documents.

20. The applicants are advised to fill in the Application Form and relevant documents in their own handwriting with utmost care in order to avoid rejection of applications.

21. Incomplete Application Forms such as (i) those received without requisite fee, Iii) remitting the requisite fee of lesser amount In) demand draft of requisite fee not drawn in favour of Ramchandra Chandravansi University. Palamu. Jharkhand and twfthe Application Forms received after the last date shall be rejected and no correspondence shall be entertained in this regard. Applicants are advised to ensure that their Application Forms are complete in all respects.

22 Receipt Number should be quoted for all queries or correspondence and at the time of submission of required documents. The documents submitted without mentioning Receipt Number will not be considered.

23. Candidates who have an Intervening Period in their studies after passing the qualifying examination shall submit an Affidavit from Notary Public and relevant documents explaining the reason for discontinuation/ interruption in studies to consider condonation of intervening period in case of Indian students.

24. The candidates selected for admission shall have to deposit the original marksheet of qualifying examination In the office of the Principal of concerned college/Registrar/Controller of Examinations while completing the admission formalities. The said marksheet shall be returned to the respective candidates after closure of all University admissions.

25. The Office of the Head of Department/Principal for Professional Courses/Registrar/Controller of Examination receiving copy of the marksheet(s) of the qualifying examination wherever required. on or before the last date. from the candidates, by hand. shall give a receipt acknowledging the same.

26. No candidate shall be allowed to take admission to the same Course/ Class (or its equivalent Course) which he/she has already passed.

27 If a candidate is provisionally admitted in a Course of lower preference as mentioned in his/her Application Form. he/she may be transferred to a Course of higher preference in the event of a vacancy arising therein.


Reservation and/or relaxation to various categories of applicants will be available as per the university and Govt. lutes.


Distinguished sports person will be eligible to be considered for the benefit under this category, if he/she produces certificate from the competent authority that he/she has:
Represented state in the National Games/ Championships (certificate from National/State Association is to be submitted).
Represented India in an International meet (Certificate from Ministry of Youth Affairs Er Sports to be submitted).


The candidates should ensure that they are correctly filling in the Form for seeking admission to a particular Course in the University.

The Application form is available with the Prospectus and also at the University office. For admission. the application for may be properly filled up and submitted along with a bank draft to the University office. The bank draft will be in favour of the particular institute where the student wants to study. Please contact the University office for more details


1 Any dispute if arises in the process of selectioNadmission is subject to Daltonganj, Palamu. Jharkhand Jurisdiction only.
2 University has the right to change the dates of admission process, examination centres etc. due to unavoidable circumstances.
Any changes if deemed necessary may be affected by the University after due notice.


1. Once your ward is admitted in RCU to a programme of study. please discuss with him/her the rules and bye-laws governing that programme and general university rules.
2 To appear in the annual/semester examination. a stipulated percentage attendance I to be notified by RCU) in theory and practical class is necessary. Please impress upon your ward to communicate his/her attendance to you at the end of each term.
3. At the end of every semester and academic session. please check the mark-sheet of your ward and acquaint yourself with his/her performance.
4. Parents are advised to visit Ramchandra Chandravansi University website www.rcueduin regularty for important notices. etc.


1. The prescribed fee for each course / programme shall be charged at the time of admission or in instalments as approved by the Competent Authority in individual cases.
2 After the admission formalities are completed. which includes deposition of full/part fee by the candidate. whatsoever for the admission process is required. and thereafter if the admission of student is cancelled due to one or the other reasons or if any student discontinues his/her studies or request for cancellation of admission from the course. even though if he/she might not have attended any class, no fee (full/part) shall be refunded to him/her on any pretext. His I her action has blocked university seat in the said programme and candidate with lower merit could not get the chance of admission. In case a candidate discontinues / withdraws / requests to leave the course after the last date of admission. for whatsoever be the reason he/she shall be required to deposit fee for the remaining years (duration) of the course. The university shall have the right to realize such fees for remaining years from the student because he / she has exploited one seat of that particular discipline for remaining period of the programme. No correspondence in this regard shall be entertained and decision of the university shall be final.


1. University has separate hostels for boys and girls.
2 It is not be possible to provide accommodation in Hostel or Residence to every candidate admitted to the University. However, subject to the availability of seats in the Hostel accommodation may be provided as per the policy/rules laid down by the University.
3. The resident students will conform to the Rules drawn up by the University.
4. Every non-resident outstation student Ian outstation student not residing in the hostel or residential accommodation arranged by the University) will submit to the Dean/ Director/ Principal of his / her faculty / college / institute. the address. where he/she proposes to stay.
S. Resident students in the hostel will take their food in the mess provided by the University. The University will appoint a committee to monitor the quality of food provided by the mess.
8 The University wilt provide adequate playground and sports/ gymnasium facilities for students.
7. The University will provide for a health check-up of each student intending to reside in a hostel managed by the University and ensure especially that no such student has any contagious disease. The health check-up will be arranged either in the hospital. attached to the medical institute of the University. or any other